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We3 are capable of running very engaging, entertaining and educational workshops for people of all ages and abilities. With advice on harmonies, vocal percussion and performance and an emphasis on fun any workshop group will be impressing their friends and peers by the end of the session. 

private events

We3 are the perfect 'coffee slot' entertainment for corporate events, wedding celebrations and house parties. With a unique ability to engage and bewitch an audience right from the start they will keep everyone entertained and involved right up to the last note. Whether singing fully amplified from the big stage, roaming around guests seated at tables or entertaining small gatherings in an intimate acoustic setting the guys know exactly how to pitch a performance and are equally at home in any setting.

Recent performances include Wembley Arena, West Point Arena, The Royal Yacht Britannia, UNICEF Deutschland Gala dinners, Gleneagles and the Dorchester Hotel.

Every gig, concert or workshop has different elements such as timings, location and production values which means that our prices change accordingly. We can quote for packages which include all equipment and technical crew if required. 

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We3 have enjoyed performing at various festivals throughout the world from Adelaide to Zimbabwe. The powerful sound they create can rock any big festival stage and their numerous annual visits to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival mean that they know exactly how to craft a perfect hours' entertainment.