As the lead singer of We3 Steve has learned his trade performing with 

some of London's top musicians. After completing a music degree at the 

University of York he took a one year post-graduate course in classical 

singing at the GSMD then toured America with internationally renowned 

composer Steve Reich. Following a couple of years touring Europe

with preeminent a cappella quartet "Cantabile" he decided 

to move back towards his preferred genres of rock, pop

and jazz and began singing in various restaurants and 

bars in London.

Steve quickly managed to make a living as a singer by

being very versatile, â€‹dedicated and professional. These 

days, along with fronting six-man a cappella group

"The Magnets" and his own popular function band, Steve is 

frequently called upon by various other band leaders and 

agencies for his vocal skills, arranging, composing and 

saxophone playing. He is also the tenor in the professional 

quartet at St Giles Church in the Barbican and also regularly

sings with "Metro Voices" who appear on the soundtracks of 

numerous Hollywood blockbusters and as backing singers for many top pop artists. He has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows across the world and at venues as diverse as Ronnie Scott's, Hyde Park and the 

Guggenheim in New York.

Steve's passions include wildlife, flying, badminton and sunshine..!